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Our mortgage calculator shows you cheap mortgage rates on house purchase (including first time buyers), remortgages, buy-to-let mortgages, adverse, payment holiday, self-employed and other specialist purposes.

A mortgage broker or financial brokerage is a licensed individual or company who obtains mortgage loans for borrowers by selecting the best available program at the best available rate. This includes finding customized bad credit mortgage programs for persons with less-than-perfect credit situation. There are specific educational, insurance, net worth and experience requirements to become a mortgage broker in order to carry out mortgage lending. Online real estate brokers help borrowers to get a loan that meets their needs, which in turn would be a profitable investment for the lender or financial brokerage - a win-win situation for all.

Our licensed mortgage officers maintain their professionalism and ethic when dealing with lenders and clients. This allows us to work closely with all parties involved in the mortgage process. We keep a keen eye on every aspect during the negotiation process, ensuring that the program that is made available is the program that will best fit your current situation.

With over 700 different lenders working with us, we are able to provide the best solution for your mortgage leads. We can match your current situation to a wide variety of programs, enabling you to choose the best option for you. We also take care of the industry fine-print and technical jargon, leaving you the peace of mind that is required to make the best decision about the different programs available.

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